Tax preparation services


Brand offers a top tier tax preparation service.

Companies don’t need to hire a full staff any more to do their tax compliance. It has always been a highly expensive process to hire a full team of accountants and quality control people. You can simply outsource your work to us and we take care of everything.

We support many tax preparation software. Every client as his own needs and we’d like to meet them.

You’d think it would be complicated to outsource your documents to someone who can do it. But it’s really not, and here’s the proof:

This is the 5 step process we go through.


Scan the document

Scan all the documents that needs to be prepared. Then send it to us over the Email or Fax.

Data Entry

we enter all the data you provide us into the software that suits your business best. And we start working on your project.

Auditing Tax Returns

checking and double checking the numbers then we start issuing 1st drafts.

Reviewing the Returns

we’ll send you near finish draft to check on the work being done. If everything is where it should be. We’ll move to final phase.

Sending prepared taxes

we prepare and package all the finished documents. And then send it to you via a secure server or any server of your choice.

Tax Preparation Outsourcing Services We Offer:

  • Individuals (Form 1040).
  • S-Corp. (Form 1120S).
  • Partnership (Form 1065).
  • Estate or Trust (Form 1041).
  • Corporation (Form 1120).
  • Non-profit organization (Form 990).
  • Form 706.
  • Form 709.
  • State Tax Returns.

Income Tax Preparation Software’s We Use:

  • Turbo Tax.
  • Tax Act.
  • Tax Point.
  • Tax Slayer.
  • Tax Cut.
  • QuickBooks.
  • Pro-system.
  • Microsoft Money.
  • Quicken.

Brand has an advantage when it comes to tax preparation.

Most of our tax outsourcing services are Customizable. We are always able to use the tax software of your choice.
Tax Compliance workload and deadlines are always handled and delivered in time.

We utilize the latest technology such as ASP/FTP to ensure the quality of the work.
Our reach isn’t just in the accounting domain but it expands into the marketing world. We can help you get new customers.
All of our services are both Efficient and of top-tier quality. We protect our brand and uphold the highest standards for it.

The defects or failures we meet are incredibly low. Thus you can expect a stable service and smooth workflow.
We can file every form of tax acceptable by the US. From federal income tax returns to individual tax returns.

Why would you pick Brand over any other service provider?

We can provide you with the minimum operation cost on the market.
You can always expect maximum efficiency and a cost effective service.
Outsourcing to a professional company like us would cause a noticeable increase in the profit margin.
Our well placed team management ensures a very minimum overhead.